Note: I made this game in under 5 hours that includes art, sound and so on. If you encounter any bugs or strange things don't be surprised and if you get stuck just press R to reset the current level. I would strongly recommend using the EXE version if you are on a Windows machine. Please also note that maximising the window will display the game at a larger resolution, thank you!

In Miner Reuniter you must reunite two miners who are trapped in the dangerous Kobold Mines. You use the arrow keys to control both miners at the same time, their actions and movements are synchronized. Blast through dirt and rock using the mining laser. Be wary and alert while firing at dynamite as it will destroy materials and living things in its blast radius. Use the dynamite to your advantage to clear thick dark rock. Avoid Kobolds and hazards as you make reunite these lost miners!


Z to Fire

R to Reset Level

Arrow Keys to Walk


MinerReuniterV1.2Update.exe 3 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the EXE

Development log


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For a 5-hour project this is really impressive! There's obviously a good amount of jank, but the idea is solid. If you plan to flesh out the game, I'd recommend making earlier puzzles smaller, and also making the characters able to walk sideways through tunnels that are only 1 block high. Regardless, great work.

Thank you Stefan I have already fixed the 1 block issue but I can't upload the update until after the voting period. Thank you for your nice comment 😊


Awesome game! Can't believe this only took you 5 hours!


Thank you so much I really appreciate that 😁