You are a member of Arthur's party, deep in the Welsh otherworld in a search for the powerful Cauldron of Annwn. Arawn's deadly dungeons lay in your path, to reach the cauldron you must defeat a multitude of foes. Use your magic to vanquish these deadly enemies and clear the pathways through the Walls of Annwn.

How to Play

  • Use Z or Button 1 to Cast Magic
  • Use the Arrow Keys or the Joystick to Move


  • Collect Keys to Unlock Gates 
  • Use Magic to Clear Rubble 
  • Avoid Enemy Projectiles
  • Collect Treasures for a Higher Score 

Made for HAGJ #4 in Clickteam Fusion 2.5+

Based on Welsh Mythology 

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and extract the files, once extracted run the executable. 


Download 412 kB


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Wow ! Amazing Work, love the aesthetic and the old cpc/spectrum vibes ^^ Keep up the good work like that, it's awesome !