UPDATE 23/06/2020 23:32pm BST

New HTML5 version available may be slightly unstable. The game may run somewhat slower on mobile devices too. If you can please stick to the downloadable version for more stability. 

Thalassa created for the Untitled Game Jam #25 with the theme of Space Dolphins. 

Thalassa is an arcade inspired collect-a-thon, gather the samples of your precious
homeworld Thalassa before making your daring escape. The alien scavengers are deadly and are controlling rogue fauna.

PC Controls:
Z to Fire
X to Dash
R to Retry

Xbox Controller Controls:
A to Fire
B to Dash
X to Retry

Developed by Dungeon Electronics
Luke Ryan Herbert

Music by VoidPeeker (Please note all music is used with permission)

Built using Clickteam Fusion 2

Install instructions

Download Thalassa.EXE and extract the EXE to your folder of choice


Read Me.txt 1 kB
Thalassa.exe 63 MB


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It's pretty good, but the sound when you attack the enemies and the sound they make the stronger ones when they get hit it's pretty noisy.

Thanks Anfi I will definitely address this in the next build :)

New revision now available