The year is 2600. You are Phaser, a special prototype android. You have been sent to the planet Zephyr to rescue the hostage Zephyrians captured by the deadly Guardian robots. You must save over 30 and find your trusty tool to return to your spaceship and escape.

  • Use the arrow keys to move Phaser  
  • Press the R key to restart
  •  Use F to enter fullscreen mode (buggy)
  • Use W to enter windowed mode
  • To save an alien simply walk up to them 
  •  To enter your ship walk up to it         


  • Use the Joystick to move Phaser
  • Tap the screen centre to reset

Made using Multimedia Fusion 2 on the  16th of August 2019

Developed by Luke Ryan Herbert



readme.txt 1 kB
PhaserRebuild.exe 3 MB


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I like the rock and grass sprites. I also like the acceleration. It adds an unexpected, but good difficulty to the game!

Nice. It's definitely an old school Intellivision style game.