Note: HTML5 version now available, however it is not fully optimized please use the EXE for best performance and overall experience if you are using a Windows PC, thank you! Also if you are using Chrome and the arrow keys are moving the webpage press F7 to lock it. 

You are Light, take a journey searching for the missing codex pages through the dark world The Gloom. Find 10 pages and then return to the starting shack to escape the terrible world of Gloom. Find items on your search to help you along the way: a gun, ammunition, health potions, keys and treasures. Avoid the Gloom dwellers while not hostile they will inflict damage on Light.


A Game by Luke Ryan Herbert

Dunelec 2021

More of my games at:

Created for Untitled Game Jam #46 in March-April 2021

Sound created with LMMS

Uses legally purchased samples from Zero-G

Graphics created by Luke Ryan Herbert

"Ghost" character created by Forbidden Box and Sterina99

Included with the original creator's permission

Thanks for playing!


  • Arrow Keys to Walk
  • Z to Fire, Use Arrow Keys to Aim
  • M to View Map
  • R to Respawn when you die

A controller should be compatible, to configure the controller click File and then Players. Make sure 1 is ticked with Joystick 1. The thumbstick should work for walking or the D-Pad. Z is Button 1, R is Button 2, M is Button 3. Please note this has not been fully tested.

Helpful Tips:

  • You can view a rough map of the Gloom by pressing the M key.
  • Shooting certain items can trigger secrets.
  • Treasures greatly improve your final score.
  • Gloom dwellers won't attack you so try and avoid them.
  • Pages are usually found near areas of interest.
  • When you get all the pages return to the starting area and go down, then enter the
  • eye to escape the Gloom.
  • Look out for extra keys.

Install instructions

Download and run the EXE


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too scary for mwe :(