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Sorry but a HTML5 version is really unstable at the moment!

The Maw threatens the galaxy, the many armies of the mighty Maw have constructed satellites that pose a threat to the Cycloid Empire. Fly an Aether class starfighter and destroy the satellites before it's too late!

How to Play

  • Use the Red Arrow on your Ship Computer to locate the next satellite
  • Use the Z or Button 1 if you are using a gamepad to fire
  • Charge your ship's power using the chargers at the base or find a portable charge around space
  • Fire at the satellite to destroy it
  • Defeat the Maw's bioweapon Celestial after you have destroyed the satellites 


  • Z or Button 1 to Fire
  • X or Button 2 to Display Data
  • R or Button 4 to Respawn
  • Arrow Keys, D-Pad or Control Stick to Move


AethercelestialBuild0.exe 6 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the executable file

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